Reflections Mausoleum

A Place to Remember

In our continuing Heritage of extraordinary Mausoleums, Gethsemani will be the first to offer the rich elegance of a black granite mausoleum, bordered with beautiful sierra white overlooking our scenic pond.

Gethsemani Cemetery adds its newest two-story, outdoor Garden Mausoleum, named Reflections, to an already impressive collection of Mausoleum options. Reflections Mausoleum features 260 crypts and 168 cremation niches. The mausoleum also offers a wide array of crypt choices to house caskets, and cremations, including individual and companion crypts.


Today, Garden Mausoleums make above ground burial affordable for all. A single price includes the crypt, entombment fee, future maintenance cost and bronze name plaque. The total cost of a Garden Mausoleum is no more than the average ground burial. Prices range from $3,900 up to $5,100 per crypt.

Benefits of Pre-planning

Ease your family’s distress during a time of loss by making decisions in advance. Know that monthly payment options make pre-planning affordable. Spare your family the immediate financial demands of making burial arrangements. Assure your family that your wishes are being carried out.


Financing is available through the cemetery, with up to two years interest free. We also accept master card/Visa