For yourself and for your entire family . . . consider making arrangements today

Planning in advance for burial property is one of the most thoughtful expressions of love and concern you can show your family. Take a moment to think about the benefits of prearrangement.

You spare your spouse and/or those you care most deeply for from having to make a hasty decision while under great emotional stress.

You escape the effects of inflation and save money by purchasing at today's prices.

You may budget pre-need purchases over time, if desired.

You are able to choose from today's prime selections.

You will enjoy peace of mind, knowing everything will be handled according to your wishes, without further burden on those you love.


Today, Garden Mausoleums make above ground burial affordable for all. A single price includes crypt, entombment fee, future maintenance cost and bronze name plaque. The total cost of a Garden Mausoleum is no more than the average ground burial.


Financing is available through the cemetery, with up to two years interest free. We also accept Master Card / Visa.